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Real Mentors v/s Virtual Mentors

‘knowledge is power’, in this age of modernisation , education and knowledge are integral part of one’s life. Not only education is important for securing jobs or earning livelihood but also for growth and development of one’s personality. Knowledge comes from education. These two are the pillars of a nation’s progress and development. The more the millenials of a country are educated ,the more progress is witnessed by a country. As educated and well informed youth can only fore run a nation well.

But nowadays, due to technological advancement eduaction is being imparted online and it is decreasing the role of real mentors ,that is , teachers and professors. In fact it is replacing human resource. But the learners are unable to see the dark side under a lit torch. Though online teaching is more lucrative , comfy , convenient and efficient but there are various thorns attached to it which will hamper the learning process of the learners.

Firstly, these online sessions and lectures do not inculcate or develop social etiquettes, communication skills,behavioural skills and many others. Since a person going to college or school meets different people and develop social etiquettes and communication skills while interacting with the fellows or even in group discussions or conversation with teachers which is absent in online teaching.They learn to respect each other’s views and ideas and develop the manner to deal with the same in a freindly way.

Secondly, being continuously indulged in conversations in school and colleges also build-up their confidence. He became confident about everything, about what to speak with whom. It helps in the overall development of their personality which can not be done through online lessons and teaching.

Moreover, the most important aspect of school teaching is that it is not only confined to mere books or syllabus. The moral ethics and values which a real mentor teaches is always absent in online teaching. We cannot undermine the importance of moral ethics in a human’s life since these are the foundation stones of a human which makes him what he is.

Since these online lectures offers tests and quizzes which can be easily cheated by students so they are not compelled to learn or memorize the topic which impacts their learning power. But the fear of exams in school and unable to cheat during exams compelled the students to study. The continuous interaction in class and fear or being asked questions by mentor makes them attentive in class which is again absent in virtual world. so the students in classrooms develops more retentive power than those depended on virtual learning.

By face to face interactions, a person can immediately get his doubts cleared in an effective way but in online teaching, one has to wait for the replies and even there is no surety that it will clear the doubts. Moreover by face to face interaction, we also learn the skill of expression and how to present our views in front of others and other related things.

In the last I would say that human presence can not be substituted by these online teaching besides their widespread popularity. Humans have made all these technologies and they cannot replace humans’ presence at any cost . What a real mentor teaches face to face can not be compared with online lectures because these would affect the growth , development and learning process of ours only. In fact , real mentors and their teaching is far better and superior.

‘ Respect your mentors , they are the potters who shaped you and your life..’


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53 thoughts on “Real Mentors v/s Virtual Mentors

      1. Thats an exception that sometimes the mentors are not good .. in that case I agree with you that virtual mentors are present for them.. yeah books can also be a mentor even every person or everything which teaches something valuable to us could be a mentor but here I m just talking about traditional or a limited meaning of mentor..


      1. There are both pros and cons of everything… I have neither neglected the pros of virtual mentors nor I am discarding this ,rather I just want to say or convey that the role of real mentor cannot be replaced by virtual ones ..they can only supplement the real mentors …. real mentors have their own advantages which overshadows the pros of virtual mentors..


              1. Ohk if a person reading a book have a doubt .. then he will try to clear it by using Internet still if his doubt remained unclear he has to deal with it.. but if he has a mentor he can ask him again and again until his doubt gets cleared and that mentor will try his best to clear his pupils doubt.. in that case while interacting with his mentor he will develop skills how to talk , how to put problems politely before others and how to politely ask again if he has not understood the concept.. which would be definitely absent in case of virtual mentors..


    1. Thank u so much 😊.. I have also gone through your role of mentor in achieving goal of life and I really admire it … I love your comparisons gps with that of mentor also it is fully true that a mentor knows and works upon our weaknesses to build us..


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