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” How Persistence is a key to success ?”

In the beginning of everything , we all start from 0 or we all are at the same platform of 0. Gradually , with continued efforts we are promoted to platform 1 , then to 2,3,4 and so on. No one skip or jump from 0 to 10. If one thinks after coming to platform 2 to rest or stop , then to continue efforts for further progress ,then we will have to again start from 0 and not from 2. All our progress goes in vain if we decide to give a comma or full stop for some time. Here I m gonna make you understand the importance of continuity.

‘ If we are not upgrading then we are downgrading. ‘

If we are on the same platform with the others and we are not making continuous efforts for next platform while others are doing so, doesn’t mean that we will remain on the same platform. If others are promoted to the next platform ,it means that we are behind one platform or in other words we are downgrading. So continuity and persistency have to be maintained for progress otherwise , all our past efforts and progess will go in vain.

‘ Persistency adds to little progress everyday ‘

If we are continuously making efforts everyday, it means that we are progressing a little bit everyday. And this little progress will turn into a bigger success one day and this little progress is the backbone and a key to success.

Little progress is easy to achieve.’

If we think from 0 to 10 then we will be disappointed or think it difficult. But if we think from 0 to 1, then it will be quite easy for us. Then, after accomplishing this little task to 1, if we think to 2 and so on, it will become our piece of cake. If we set little tasks and accomplishes it continuously then we will never know when we reached to 10 from 0. Success then will be easy, facile or in our words effortless, only because of persistent little progress.

‘ No one is a born player or an artist ‘

We are not born players or an artist. Every player or an artist have a history of continual practice and handwork through which they improve their skills everyday. And finally their persistent hardwork pay tribute to them in the form of their success when they either won a tournament or by painting a beautiful masterpiece. We often failed to recognise their continual efforts and are only lured by their success which we think is difficult. We need to understand that nothing is difficult ,it’s all about persistent efforts.

‘A river cuts through a rock not because of its power, but of its persistence. ‘

So, the keys to success is in our hands only , what we need to do is to put the correct key in the lock and to open the barrier of gate between failure and success.


Published by nameerasheikh

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15 thoughts on “” How Persistence is a key to success ?”

  1. Great thought.
    It seems you are a philosophy background, and a thinker.
    Thought process of your mind is absolutely up to the mark to current situation of the world.
    Keep it up
    All the best

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