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The Art of Living

In this fast pace of life where everyone is not walking , in fact running. Have we ever stopped for a while and thought that are we living our life..? The answer would be definitely a ‘NO‘.

We are not living our life like a human being, in fact we are just running our life like a machine. We are working and working just to make our future bright or to outdo others in the competition called life. In this race to come first, we are not living in our present, either we are just in dilemma about our past mistakes or about our future.

We are just sacrificing our present for tomorrow. We are just sacrificing our youthful and energetic age for a wealthy old age. And when we are at the last stage of life, we realise that our real wealth lies in our health and bountiful energy which we just wasted working like a machine and does not lived and enjoyed at that phase of life .Then we will be left only with grudges and regret.

Just respiring or having life in our body doesn’t mean we are living , it’s far above than that. Living is just an art which can be mastered only by an artist. I will tell you some magic ways of living .

” Live in the moment and to the fullest “

Our biggest mistake is that we do not live in present state. Either we just stick to our past or our future and unknowingly gets stuck in the never ending cycle of dilemmas of past and future. So it’s very important that we break that cycle to free ourselves from their clutches. Start taking these things casually and feel least bothered about them.

Live the present hour as time gone cannot be brought back. Live the day as it is the last day of your life, then only you would be able to make the most productive and happiest use of your present time.

” Enjoy little things “

Living the moment also implies that we should enjoy even little things that life offers to us. We should not wait only for a great or a big thing to make our life happy and enjoyful. Even always try to find fun in petty things to make your day worth and awesome.

” Be optimist and happy “

No matter what situation life offers us, either favourable or unfavorable, we should always be ready to take up the challenge and welcome it with heart. Ups and downs are part of life , so we should always think positive and stay happy even in adverse circumstances.

If we develop the courage and the art to transform even the unfavorable condition to the favorable one, then no power on this earth can make you feel down.

” Discover where your happiness lies “

We need to really understand or know where our real happiness lies. Happiness may differ from person to person. For a 5 year old kid , happiness lies in an ice cream whereas for a 20 year old youth, happiness lies in a car. So discover things in which you find happiness and try to achieve it . Happiness does not neccesarily comes from wealth for everyone . So stop rushing towards it blindly.

We only get one life , so stop wasting it by living it like a robot. Live every moment and learn to stay happy and optimistic because life is all about ups and downs.


Published by nameerasheikh

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31 thoughts on “The Art of Living

  1. Awesome thoughts here.

    “If we develop the courage and the art to transform even the unfavorable condition to the favorable one, then no power on this earth can make you feel down.”

    If you can do that, you cannot be conquered in any endeavor in life you wish to aspire. Thanks.

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  2. Loved it! Great post and great ideas and advise. I always said that the small things, little things, are important and to be kept in mind…

    Liked by 2 people

  3. 100% agreed nameera
    I have always been following this principle since my school days but
    I have friends who say live your life, enjoy life and all… And they work like a machine and never tried to enjoy the little things that life offer..

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You’re right but sometimes for our livelihood we have to compromise with certain things for example like, even if we are not comfortable we have to be in a desperate position to adjust with the situation most of the time even though we are not comfortable.

    Liked by 1 person

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