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Is our clothes really a reflection of our character or personality…?

Before sharing my views on this topic , I would like to present two existing group of thoughts on this matter.

First group of thought advocates that what we wear is the clear indication or reflection of our character, personality and thought.

Second group of thought beleives that our dressing has nothing to do with our character and is only a matter of fashion, choice or traditions and customs.

But I find partial truth if not full in both the thoughts.

Supporting the first thought I woukd like to cite an example – whenever our doorbell rings and after opening the door if we find a stranger , we usually treat or talk with him by judging him according to clothes he is wearing. If a person is wearing rags or torn clothes, we will consider him a beggar and shoo him away without even asking anything from him. If a person is well dressed, we will nicely or mannerly talk with him, will ask why he came here and so on.

At first glimpse or sight we usually by, human nature judge a person according to his clothes. We cannot totally neglect the impact of clothes on others. So there is a little authenticity in the first group of thought also.

Second group advocates that clothes have nothing to do with our character. I would also once again cite an example – if a girl is wearing clothes according to established norms and traditions of society , she is being seen as a decent , sincere or so called good girl . And if she is doing the opposite, she is being perceived as a spoiled, or a bad girl.

We cannot totally separate clothes and character. Our societal setup is such that these both goes hand in hand.

The impact of clothes on our personality is just a matter of difference in thought of different people. It just varies and there are people who don’t consider this cloth factor in their judgement of people.

Yes we do something unknowingly judge people according to clothes but it can never be the sole or the authentic basis for knowing a person.

The personality or character of a person blooms like a blossom even through his torn clothes….

(by nameera sheikh)

We should be wise enough to judge a person and these material things should not let us guide our judgement. It should be purely based on the spiritual or inner nature of a person.

Yes clothes do give a impact but our personality should be strong enough to break that impact. Clothes may be partial but never be the sole basis of judging a person’s character or personality. Clothes will always show virtual image of a person’s personality and not the real image.


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77 thoughts on “Is our clothes really a reflection of our character or personality…?

      1. You are always most welcome Nameera and that, what was required from you to write more and more and achieve more success in your blogging journey. You are adding values and that’s what I really appreciate and expect more from you.

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      1. Nice post, thanks for sharing your thought, everyone likes to be praise but not everybody is doing what is worthy of being praise,as human we like to pretend alot, but nature has his ways of catching up with us, you may dress to deceive people but you don’t have the capacity to deceive your shadow.because it carries your personal movie on earth.
        The issue of dressing is all about intention, what exactly did you want your dressing to achieve,is this for good or the opposite,for moral or immoral.
        Nameera in all sincerity our facial expressions determine the person we are from don’t receive a slap and be smiling,and you are never a better person whenever you are sad. In all these ways nature is catching up with our lies.
        Both our shadow and our nature can never be deceived.they are always a pointers to where we are is as simple as that.
        Nameera it’s nice being around you here,I have enjoyed every moment of being here.nice to be connected with you.

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  1. I love this, most particularly because you are prepared to admit that both opinions have merit ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I agree with your general opinion though – we shouldn’t judge, full stop!
    Great post! Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I suspect those that do not dress like the peer group that they wish to belong to will find it harder to be accepted by that peer group. I also suspect clothing will influence how you feel about yourself and how you conduct yourself. This is probably not what many of you may wish to hear, but that doesn’t make it less true. One just has to observe life.

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  3. So true …

    I think there’s something you should know
    I think it’s time I told you so
    There’s something deep inside of me
    There’s someone else I’ve got to be
    Take back your picture in a frame
    Take back your singing in the rain
    I just hope you understand
    Sometimes the clothes do not make the man!

    Freedom! โ€˜90
    Song by George Michael

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  4. I only know that the “presence” matter. First impressions matter also. If I go to a serious job interview showing my tattoo and dressed as I would on a party party night out, I’m out in one second. Just overall normal decent clothes and get out of the house dressed well, showered, the basics. If my sweatshirt says ” Kill the world!” It may reflect Iยดm a bit off, nutcase. But I don’t believe clothes says much about people, I have seen the worst parts of human behavior dressed in great suits, look at the politicians. But overall, just dress a bit normal and have a normal presence, at least a decent one that doesn’t scare people.
    Nice read, I also live by a saying of my own I should add or maybe not, anyways…donยดt overthink too much. But from time to time yes, so nice read.

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  5. Hi Nameera, This is an interesting topic, and a must to discuss right now as the kids and younger generation even when are literate enough to understand which is good or bad they still love to judge other people. Through education we can kill ideology, but we cant kill the habit of judging people. Well said, we must not judge anyone through what they wear as that is only a virtual image, and you can’t judge sometime based on it.โœจโ˜บ๏ธ

    I have nominated you for a Versatile blogger award. You are new and your Blog contents are truly appreciated. Keep up โœจโœ๏ธ

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  6. My dear!! You know-first impression is last we should care about our wearing at first time after giving the attention of our personality.i think-our clothes are reflection of our personality at first time.

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  7. It’s holiday! Enjoy peace, light and warmth with your loved ones. Give with all your heart and open your soul to receive love and happiness. Let your soul be reborn and live every day as an invaluable gift.

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