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I never lie – “ The biggest lie “

Honesty – a very essential value or ethic has today become a thing of past and wonder. It is only confined to books as mere philosophies or in stories giving it as a moral value , but it is rarely possessed by anyone in its true sense or say, 100% .

We all live in such a hypocrite , pompous and double standard society that honesty or speaking truth have remained only an utopian thing . It is neither possible nor desirable for every person to speak truth all time , no matter what the situation is .

We all are either intentionally or unintentionally , consciously or unconsciously trapped in the vicious circle of lies. In fact one lie gives birth to a series or chain of lies which is infinite , we all are very well aware of this fact. Even though we are caught in this cyclic chain of lies , whose ultimate result is undesirable and painful.

In fact ,for instance, a very common lie we either consciously or unconsciously,speak in our day to day life is when someone asks about how we are ? We usually gives a general answer and not the real condition of ourselves. Whatever may be the reason , We can’t deny the fact that this is also a kind of lie .

Truly speaking, we are so much accustomed and used to it that it has become an integral part of our life and to some extent to our habit and personality. It has become so much intact to us that we are not even aware that we are speaking lie casually majority of times , even always also.

To be very clear , no one is 100% honest , but that doesn’t mean that everybody are 100% liar . A person may be 95% honest but even though 5% liar and vice versa . What is crucial is that we should be honest at majority of times , that’s my main concern for writing this article .

So next time , if a person claims to be 100% honest , then beware of such persons , they are biggest liars. Those who claim such things , sit and ask yourself how many times you have spoken lies ,not necessarily you are 100% liar but even though a little percentage of your lies will be revealed , that’s what I want to tell.

This may be unacceptable to some people , but believe me , this is the only harsh and bitter truth of present age .


Published by nameerasheikh

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10 thoughts on “I never lie – “ The biggest lie “

  1. That’s a bitter truth Indeed ✨ Humans tend to make mistakes and they lie, knowingly or unknowingly we do it. If someone claims, then the one that says knows that they lie✨ Wonderful Post ✍️ Have a beautiful day ✨💐

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    1. Ohhk that’s your point of view … but I would like to make you notice that I am not referring to other things but only about truth … and not being honest doesn’t imply that are your bad … some times lies are also spoken for good things .. then how can one become bad … think deeply … anyways I respect your view also .. you are right that people should be given a wider scope when they claim something to be 100% …

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  2. This is pure truth. It’s just like telling someone that they look amazing when you dont want to say it outright that what he or she is wearing isn’t right. You don’t want to hurt their feelings right?
    The worst part is, we tend to deny the fact that we lie.
    Someone once told be he stopped lying 5 years ago, because of the transformation he felt he had undergone. It turned out he lied about not lying in five years.

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    1. Yeah that’s the bitter reality about everyone … but we should admit that lie is also a part of our life and we don’t need to run away from it and we should not try to deny it… even the irony is that accepting that we also lie would make us appear more honest… thank u for your valuable comment ..👍🏻


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