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Corona what to call you is a dilemma..?

Corona, What to call you is a dilemma ?

Angel of death for the mankind,

Boon of life to nature and other kind.

By dictating men to live as jailbirds,

Ensuring the liberation of all birds.

By becoming the king of terrors,

Made men regretted of their errors.

Putting the world’s economy in recession,

Gifted the solution for dire pollution.

Corona, What to call you is a dilemma ?

Healing the wounds of Mother Earth,

Uncovered the humans on dearth.

Proved the wealth of nations to be futile,

When the death tolls travelled millions of mile.

The helplessness against natural forces,

Exposed the piddling status of all human forces.

Boosting time of bridging love between father and son,

Families that were miles and years apart are now in unison.

Offering the common sword of demise,

Unity of whole world became a thing of paradise.

Corona, What to call you is a dilemma ?

Demon, when seen as surface of waters,

Divine, as one goes deep down the waters.

Poem by : Nameera Sheikh


Published by nameerasheikh

# animal lover # artist # Basketball player # studious # humanity as the utmost priority

5 thoughts on “Corona what to call you is a dilemma..?

  1. This virus is leaving many dead in the world and health measures, such as the isolation of people, have served to realize how badly we are doing with nature and animals. At last they have been seen out of the reach of man’s destructive hand. Unfortunately the consequences for humanity but we create the problem ourselves. The consumption of meat from wild animals becomes the focus of the epidemics and nobody said anything.
    Your poem is a clear manifestation of the feelings of young people in this situation. It is refreshing to read you and know that you are thinking correctly. I loved reading you.
    My greetings
    Manuel (Chile-South America)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank u so much for going through my work … yeah we all are just blaming things and not accepting that’s it’s all because of our deeds ..this grave situation has taught us many crucial lessons and is gradually transforming our lives …
      thank you for your recognition..

      Liked by 1 person

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