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How covid-19 has affected us and our lives …?

We all have neither imagined nor desired that one day our fast pace or running life will come to a standstill. And that too because of a virus who couldn’t be tamed at all by our so called advanced medical science. Sour but true that this virus has highlighted our piddling status in front of the giant status of nature. And the human helplessness at this critical juncture had very well taught that this superior being can not rule over everything including nature.

Nevertheless, apart from its role as an angel of death, this virus has changed and taught us many things. It has compelled us to revise, rethink , redefine and re-examine various issues and things. The following are those things which we need to have a deep investigation or to say, retrospection or re-examination :-

1.Examining the righteousness of zoo culture :-

The most crucial lesson taught to humans is the importance and craving for freedom of movement and that the life of a prisoner without being a culprit is worst. It has compelled humans to live as captives in their own houses which had made them realise the pain felt by other animals who are being caged in zoo , for the sake of their amusement and entertainment.

It has raised the question over the legitimacy or righteousness of zoo culture and over animal’s freedom and justice . “Is it just to cage the innocent creatures for their whole life for our sakes and selfishness ?” We really need to think deeply over this whether we are becoming monsters and inflicting cruelty over innocent creatures …

2.Earth belongs to all creatures :-

From the period when men started exploiting nature for his selfish greeds and needs , he has become the most powerful creature on this earth. He has become so much proud of his power and capabilities that he has monopolised the whole earth. Even he has encroached upon the rights of other beings over the Mother Earth .

“ Earth belongs to all creatures”.. the age long forgotten statement which was till now only confined to books , has now come into reality. Because of this pandemic only, that humans are compelled to confine themselves. And that other creatures got a chance to roam freely, to enjoy the beautiful gifts of nature without being afraid of the most powerful being.

Now, they have also been able to feel that the earth also belongs to them and that they are co-sharers of earth and not the tenants.

We really need to recognise and accept that we are also only co- sharers like other beings and not the only owners.

3.Earth can heal itself , is self sustaining and independent :-

This pandemic has clearly proved that nature and earth in its pure or unaltered form is self sustaining, beautiful, abundant and capable of healing or purifying itself without any aid or mercy. It has also made it crystal clear that all the environmental problems from global warming to ozone depletion and so on are caused only by humans and it’s exploitative greedy activities.

Nature has proved her innocence that in case men and his activities are stopped, she can heal or purify itself. It is only due to men that she is being put to a gradual or slow death , whom she had provided with all her motherly warmth . The decrease of pollution of all types over the world implies that now earth is healing its own wounds, when all her culprits are being caged or confined. So now we really need to think deeply and to act as soon as possible to save our Mother Earth.

4.Introspecting and retrospecting ourselves :-

The disease Covid-19 has given us a golden time to pause and to retrospect ourselves. That whether we are living a humanly life which we have ever desired or we are running like a robotic machine for pursuing more and more wealth as the only end and aim of our life. Yes, we do need money for fulfilling our needs and above all for satiating our hunger but that is too minimal against our quest for wealth.

This virus has very well taught us that “ we can’t eat money” because at the end of the day it is the food which will satiate our stomach to have a peaceful sleep in our beds. Same is also true with our lives also, when death will be awaited, all our hard earned wealth will be useless. It will only be the memories and the satisfaction of how beautiful life we have actually lived will lead us to rest in peace in our coffins. And not our filled coffers which will remain there even after we perished.

Moreover, the real wealth lies being in one’s health has now become more relevant and true and would always remain above money or coins. Ultimately this pandemic has brought a revolution in our whole life, in our thinking, attitude, and most importantly our perception on life.

Though this virus came as an Angel of Death playing with our lives but unintentionally it has revealed so many truths and things which will definitely transform and revolutionise our whole world either directly or indirectly. It taught us so many crucial lessons which will help us to discover a new path or direction in our lives.

It is an irony and astonishing at the same time that this virus came as a demon for us but it became angel for our Mother Earth and other creatures. …


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