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How covid-19 has affected us and our lives …?

We all have neither imagined nor desired that one day our fast pace or running life will come to a standstill. And that too because of a virus who couldn’t be tamed at all by our so called advanced medical science. Sour but true that this virus has highlighted our piddling status in front ofContinue reading “How covid-19 has affected us and our lives …?”

Corona what to call you is a dilemma..?

Corona, What to call you is a dilemma ? Angel of death for the mankind, Boon of life to nature and other kind. By dictating men to live as jailbirds, Ensuring the liberation of all birds. By becoming the king of terrors, Made men regretted of their errors. Putting the world’s economy in recession, GiftedContinue reading “Corona what to call you is a dilemma..?”


क्यों समझती है यह दुनिया औरतों को कठपुतली ? दर्जा तो हमें भी ईश्वर ने इंसानो का दिया था । कहते है सब कि अदब से , तमीज़ से रहो , यह सीख आख़िर कोई मर्दों को क्यों नहीं देता ? छुट्टी के दिन भी जो पूरे घर का काम करे , वही है औरतContinue reading “औरत”

Is our clothes really a reflection of our character or personality…?

Before sharing my views on this topic , I would like to present two existing group of thoughts on this matter. First group of thought advocates that what we wear is the clear indication or reflection of our character, personality and thought. Second group of thought beleives that our dressing has nothing to do withContinue reading “Is our clothes really a reflection of our character or personality…?”

From failure to success in 5 simple steps

Thought process What we think is what we are and is always reflected in our actions . Successful people always think high and different and are always optimistic but failures always think low and are pessimistic. If we will think of high goals then only we are gonna achieve it and our actions will alsoContinue reading “From failure to success in 5 simple steps”

” How Persistence is a key to success ?”

In the beginning of everything , we all start from 0 or we all are at the same platform of 0. Gradually , with continued efforts we are promoted to platform 1 , then to 2,3,4 and so on. No one skip or jump from 0 to 10. If one thinks after coming to platformContinue reading “” How Persistence is a key to success ?””

Real Mentors v/s Virtual Mentors

‘knowledge is power’, in this age of modernisation , education and knowledge are integral part of one’s life. Not only education is important for securing jobs or earning livelihood but also for growth and development of one’s personality. Knowledge comes from education. These two are the pillars of a nation’s progress and development. The moreContinue reading “Real Mentors v/s Virtual Mentors”