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Learning from our surroundings

It is aptly said that if a person has optimistic thinking ,It will definitely bore him fruits. Right mindset and attitude towards everything can make him a great learner who will never fall.

We don’t need any person for teaching us. In fact, we can learn from our day to day life , surrounding and environment. It is only the game of our attitude and out thinking.

Like, from fan we can learn the value of consistency or persistence, From light we can learn to illuminate and impart light to others life thereby connoting a helping hand .From clock hung over wall, we can learn that time never waits for anyone and we have to efficiently utilise our time and present . Likewise, from blanket we can learn to give warmth to everyone who comes under our ambit irrespective of our relation with them.

Similarly , from eraser we can learn to rectify our mistakes, from pencil or pen we can learn that our destiny is in our hands and we can write our life the way we want through our efforts and determination. From walls we can learn to stand high , from roof we can learn how to tolerate ups and downs of life as it does so by tolerating the varying and extreme weather outside from scorching heat to freezing cold, from pillow we can learn to give support and so on.

It only depends on how we look at things and what is our perception about them. And that depends greatly on our thinking ,values ,mindset as well as attitude which shapes our action. If we are pessimistic, we will only see bad ,negative as well as disheartening things in the world and surrounding and the world would turn to be a hell for us .On the other hand, if we are optimistic, we will only see the beauty of the world and the world will become heaven to us making us blissful.

Briefly, we just need to have a positive outlook and mindset and have to maintain it even in the worst situation.That will only make us swim across the vast expanse of ocean to reach our destination happily.


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