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True equality

Have we ever tried to understand or follow this word in its actual meaning or we are just following it’s superficial and traditional meaning . Equality according to our society is only based on women perspective or women based equality. Only because women were treated inferior or subordinate to men ,this women based equality took its root.

But now gradually and unknowingly we are turning towards inequality towards men by supporting women based equality beyond a limit. Often when a couple goes for outing either in a cafe or restaurant ot any where ,everyone , even the female partner expects and thinks that it is the duty of the male partner to pay the bill or incur the expenditures. Then where’s the equality as this point of time ? Is this not unfair and unequal with the guys..? This topic really needs to be think upon.

The famous Maxim ‘ ladies first’ is also unequal.why women first and not men if we are so much concerned towards equality, then why we are unequal towards men..?

While travelling in a bus or any public transport , boys or men tend to give their seats to women rather than the needy ones. Even they will give their seat to a young girl instead of an old man. If this is not unequality and discrimination ,then what..?

We really need to think deeply when we say women should be treated equally that we are not gradually turning towards injustice and inequality towards men. We need to understand the true meaning of equality so that no gender is discriminated or treated unequally on behalf of giving equality to other .


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20 thoughts on “True equality

  1. Greetings! This is amazing!! Enjoyed reading every single bit and look forward to reading more! I was wondering if you could checkout my new piece on living in a hierarchical patriarchal structure where slut shaming still exists. And I would really appreciate it if you could comment some feedback to improve the writing style. Looking forward to hearing from you. – Kiran

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  3. Women are more vulnerable than men. At least here in the West, women can and have won political rights to control their own finances and to have the same vote as a man. Women here have won the right to executive control over whether they will mother a child – even when they are already pregnant (even though this is still a very contested issue). Women have been pressing for equal pay (in some ways that has happened and in other ways it feels like we are at the tipping point to achieve that). Women can be liberated to represent themselves as their own agents in the public sphere, so that they are recognized, socially, as having their own interests and preferences and values apart from playing a supporting role to a male. Aside from the abortion issue, these goods are not really contested by anyone as either good or desirable.

    The tricky part comes when people start dating. There are different models for relationships, and they don’t necessarily match up with the liberal (in the older sense of “maximizing individual autonomy”) principles that our political, social, and economic lives are built atop in the West. Some women want to be cared for, and feel loved by being served (pulling out chairs, holding open doors, &c.). These were intended, historically, as signs of care, but some women interpret them as signs of bondage. Some women want an equal who will respect her as an equal, and who will not care for her in a way that compromises her autonomy.

    I’m not going to say that either is better or worse, but they are different models of relationships, and are looking for different things.

    One thing undermines the extension of liberal principles into a relationship, however: women are more vulnerable. To take one obvious example: Women are the ones who get pregnant. Barring scientific breakthroughs that allow us to take control of how procreation works at a more fundamental level than our current primitive methods, this means that the woman is the one who faces the consequences of a one night stand, not the man, if condoms and pills don’t work. Until this changes, most men will feel a need to protect this vulnerability – even in innocent gestures like paying the bill. Of course, this can get caught up in some alpha-male-flexing-for-the-female peacocking dynamics, but that’s just two things being entangled. The reason the liberal principle doesn’t extend to total equity at the family level in many places is because men and women are different, and though women are not at all inferior, but every bit the equals of men, they _are_ more vulnerable in some ways, and I think this accounts both for efforts at overcoming this vulnerability (abortion), and in the abiding pressure men feel to respect and to take care of women (chivalry).

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  4. No one is inferior in this vast world. Everyone has their own in this world. Men believe that women is inferior to them.. likewise women have also some misconceptions about men. The real equality comes when men and women communicate without prejudiced beliefs

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